Daniel Foley – Dan’s Bio

Dan Foley - Daniel Foley's Bio
Dan Foley is a Musician, Producer, Writer, Designer and Webmaster from County Offaly, Ireland.

He is currently working as a Search Marketing Consultant for a multinational Internet company in Dublin, and runs Nantiploop Recording Studios.

He has a Masters degree in Multimedia Systems from TCD, and a primary degree in Communications Studies from DCU.

He produces music as Canabrism, and manages a number of websites in addition to Podcomplex Music Technology, where he often refers to himself in the third person.

He is also the author of Antistar, as detailed below.

Daniel Foley – About The Author

Daniel Foley has written many short stories, but is perhaps even less well-known for his unusual science-fiction novel, Antistar. This is a fairly chaotic tome about an intergalactic super-being that attempts to create an exotic zoo of quasi-intelligent species (including humans) by destroying their home planets and preserving the survivors on a specially-designed showcase world.

Here’s what the blurb on the cover has to say about it:

Daniel Foley – Antistar Blurb

Have you ever wondered about the end of the world? Hank didn’t. Then one day, quite unexpectedly, during his coffee break, he was rescued from the total destruction of the Earth by a group of scientific jelly.

In his attempts to come to terms with his new state of planetless existence, he is confounded by a triangle, persecuted by alien rock deposits, spontaneously involuted by a warm beverage, ridiculed, looked at, compared with a lime sandwich, taunted by a tap and considered by melt.

He is also, somewhat unwittingly, destined to become a key figure in a scheme of such cosmic proportions that only the narrator knows what is is. And he’s not telling…

Daniel Foley’s Antistar – Who Should Read It?

Readers, those interested in reading, swiss army ducks, anyone amenable to sleeping on Saturdays. Must be unafraid of strange words. Disclaimer: some of the words used in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to actual words may be purely coincidental.

What Words Are Related to Antistar?

The following words are in some way connected to the book, and many of them actually appear in it.

science-fiction humour vonnegut bookshop religion
joyce in space aliens humans gods stones
scientists action adventure explosions procreation
virtual-reality absurd costumes plumbing trout
rescue marooned heroism D-I-Y duck

How Many Good Bits in Daniel Foley’s Antistar?

As you may have gathered, it is quite a silly book. There are at least seven good bits in it though, according to the author, Daniel Foley.

Other third-party reports on the number of good bits vary wildly, ranging from none to seventeen million.

An average value of reported good bits comes out at approximately forty-two, which seems about right, and is probably enough to justify the existence of the book in the first place.

Dan’s Olde CV (circa 2002)