About Podcomplex

Podcomplex is a free online music distribution and information resource for musicians, edited and managed by Dan Foley.

About The Blog

The blog is the main focus of the site, regularly updated with music technology news, observations on the music industry, promotion strategies for independent artists and tips for getting the most out of your studio – with a particular focus on the use of modern sequencing software for home recording enthusiasts.

Categories in the blog include:

  • DAW – Technical tips for Digital Audio Workstation users.
  • Live Performance – Observations on live music implementations and gig related tips.
  • Music Technology – Keeping an eye on the technologies that underpin modern music.
  • Sales & Promotion – Tips for getting music to the ears of the masses using as many channels as possible.
  • Digital Music – Considers how the development of new media technologies impacts consumption, creation and distribution of music.

About The Guides

In addition to the expanding content of the blog, Podcomplex also features a number of guides in PDF or standard webpage formats.

About The Music

If completely free music is to your liking, then you can download free albums here, or browse our database of independent artists.

You can also upload your own band profile and music to this database, which means your tunes will be available to more than 40 websites on the worldwide OMS network.

For more information, contact Podcomplex by email: about(at)podcomplex(dot)com