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Canabrism produces at least one album per year, and this is a good place to come if you want to hear them. Download for free in mp3 format, or contact Canabrism at podcomplex.com if you would like a real physical CD version!

  • Nine Reasons
  • Shadow Of A Sprout
  • Hubbard's Munth

A selection of Canabrism albums are available for free download - these were each created in the month of February as part of the RPM Challenge, where artists are required to write, record and produce an entire album in 28 days...

"Faster Than Thought" is Canabrism's RPM album for 2012. Listen to and/or download the entire album for free here - or listen to a sample track below...

"Almost No Exceptions" is Canabrism's RPM album for 2013. Listen to and/or download the entire album for free here - or listen to a sample track below...

A selection of other Canabrism tracks from ages past can be found below...

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Podcomplex Productions | Music Videos

Podcomplex wades into the murky waters of video production from time to time, and you can see a couple of examples below.

Canabrism | Bearskin Whistles/Plastic Axe

This is a promotional video for the Irish charity Camara, which was created from footage shot in Africa by volunteers in 2006.

Canabrism | My Toes Are Nebulae

This video for the as yet unreleased track "My Toes Are Nebulae" first appeared on the Canabrism DVD sampler in 2005. It was created using a combination of 2D and 3D animation, and notionally traces the journey of a drug-addled pimp through the streets of central London.

Murder Plan | Ain't That The Way

This is a live recording of Murder Plan from Le Cirk, Dame Street, Dublin. The performance took place on 16th October, 2009. Murder Plan's debut EP was produced in Podcomplex's Nantiploop Studios in 2008/2009.

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