RPM Cross-Genre Box Set Compilation

The RPM challenge took place throughout the month of February this year, inviting musicians around the globe to write, record and produce an album in 28 days. The project was a huge success, with thousands of artists and bands managing to create a new album within the constraints of the challenge. Mick M then spearheaded the daunting prospect of creating a series of six compilation CDs representing some of the musical genres covered by the RPM artists. The six CDs have now been completed…

Forming a genre-based distillation of the multitude of submissions was no easy task, but Mick has divided up the compilations like this:

  • Disc 1: Alt/Indie/Pop
  • Disc 2: Americana/Roots/Country
  • Disc 3: Atmospheric/Ambient
  • Disc 4: Music For Meditation
  • Disc 5: Synthesis/Electronica
  • Disc 6: Jazz/Blues

A voting system amongst the participants in the challenge was used to determine which tracks made it into this box set; there is a lot of great new music here, made all the more remarkable considering the time constraints under which it was created. Of particular interest to readers of this blog would be inclusion of a track from Canabrism’s submission, Hubbard’s Munth – namely, Ninth (pragmatically named after the date on which it was written).

If you would like to get your hands on this six-disc extravaganza of independent music, then you should send me an email and I’ll forward the ordering information on – the box set is a bargain at $20, which you can pay via PayPal.

You can listen to the tracks from Disc 5 here – on the actual CD, the tracks form a continuous mix where each track is cross-faded into the next, but as virb doesn’t allow this, the tracks remain separate in the on-page player here, so the listening experience isn’t quite as smooth…

The RPM Compilations


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