Squarepusher Remix Competition

Fans of Squarepusher may be interested to know that Bleep are running a remix competition at the moment, where you can download stems from 4001 and mangle them to your heart’s content (enemies of Squarepusher might also find this a compelling proposition)…

Bleep And You’ll Miss It

There is a fairly narrow window of opportunity for this contest; the closing date is March 30th, so you would be well advised to get to Bleep’s download page and start your remix as soon as possible.

Up for grabs are the Ufabulum vinyl boxset and a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio headphones, and the winner will be elected by Tom Jenkinson himself. To enter, simply download the stems, work your magic on them, and post your completed opus to soundcloud.com/squarepusher/dropbox.

See below for some new Squarepusher sound and vision; this track ‘Dark Steering’ is taken from the album Ufabulum, which is on offer as a vinyl prize in the remix competition:


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