Follow Actions In Ableton Live

After another month of RPM Challenge, a few new tricks have been learned, and a few old ones revisited. One that falls into the latter category here is the use of follow actions on Ableton Live audio clips…

Follow When You’re Ready

Canabrism’s RPM album this year is entitled “Almost No Exceptions” – although the first draft has already been sent off to RPM HQ, I’ll be developing it a bit further before officially releasing it to the public via this very Podcomplex Blog.

One of the benefits of the Challenge is that it inspires me to rummage through tutorial videos to find some new techniques to use, but one that caught my eye is included below. This shows how you can quickly create a unique drumscape simply by using a sample bank of pre-recorded beats – add a few clips into an Ableton track, one below the other, activate follow actions in random (legato) mode, record the output and excerpt to taste.


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