Long Distance Music Collaboration

Last week I received a question about how two musicians in different cities could jam together. I did mention the ejamming collaboration site in a previous post, but there are other options now available for geographically-challenged rockers…

Take It To The Digital Bridge

One such music collaboration site is digital musician. This is not only a venue where musicians can collaborate, but it also serves as a sort of virtual marketplace for professional audio production projects.

You can search for like-minded souls for a personal jamming session, or set up a connection with someone you already know. The jam is enabled by the DML plugin (Digital Musician Link) which you insert in your sequencer track (it comes in VST and RTAS formats). The DML then connects to the digital musician server to enable musicians to play together with stereo 256kbps audio streams.

The Jam Is Now In Session

Alternatively, you could check out eSession. This operates on a similar principle to digital musician, but perhaps with a more work-oriented approach.

Basically, you can post jobs or search for session musicians to help you out with a project. The site aims to snag most high-profile session musicians, so that you will in theory be able to hire, for example, Peter Gabriel’s bassist or Donovan’s triangle player.

Update: Although not actually a music collaboration platform yet, Wire to the Ear thinks that the newly released Google Wave could herald a new age for such activities…


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