Jamming All Over The World

Ever been in a band that split up because the lead singer/guitarist/tambourine man decided to go and live in Australia? Such geographically-induced demise may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to eJamming AUDiiO.

The premise behind this technology has been on many a musician’s wish-list for quite some time – to play along with another musician on the other side of the world. Through some ingenious exploitation of the Internet, this wish has now become a usable reality. The eJamming program allows musicians to connect to one another and perform together in real-time (there are latencies involved, but these can be partly compensated for by the musician when required – software handles the rest). The eJamming program uses proprietary data-thinning schemes and patented Internet delay-management algorithms¬Ě to make this feat possible.

The system is still in beta, but it is free to join at this stage so I would recommend checking it out as soon as possible if online musical collaboration is your thing. Features include CD-quality audio recording, a full range of MIDI facilities, and a host of interaction features that allow you to find and invite similarly-minded musicians to join a jamming session. Scheduling and organising a jam has never been so easy – no more lugging large amps across town, just tune in and start strumming.


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