Tom Waits Dublin Gig In The Stars

Tom Waits has released a ‘press conference’ video announcing the dates for his forthcoming tour of America. As well as outlining the rationale behind his choice of venues, he also confirmed that he would be coming to Europe, including two gigs in Dublin…

Tom Waits For No Man, Dog

The video of the press conference is presented below, where Tom reveals that the path of his US tour follows the constellation Hydra, and the first letters of the towns he will visit create the acronym PEHDTSCKJMBA – which stands for “People envy happiness. Dogs, though, sense courage, knowing jubilation means better ass(ets).”

Tom’s comments imply that the Dublin gig will be ending his tour of Europe; the original plan was for this to take place in the National Concert Hall, with ticket price rumoured to be around €150.

However, it has just been announced that there will be two dates in Dublin, on July 30 and 31. The concerts will take place in a special ‘Glitter and Doom’ marquee in the Phoenix Park. This seems to be a compromise between the concert hall, which would probably be too small, and an outdoor concert, which Waits rejected despite being offered a ‘significantly higher fee’ – he apparently feels that an outdoor gig would detract from the experience.

Personally, I would imagine the only thing that could detract from the experience would be not getting a ticket…

Update: Tickets are priced at €116.25 – €132.25 and go on sale from Tuesday, May 27th at 9am. If you’re fast you might nab one at – Tom has added an extra gig on the 1st August, which is good news indeed.


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