Getting Paid For Multimedia Work

One of the problems with being creative is that it usually doesn’t pay the bills, at least not directly. Once you’ve made your little work of art, it’s a whole other job figuring out how to get some cash for it, and this sort of business is something most artists would rather do without. In an effort to shorten the search somewhat, here are a few suggestions…
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Getting Paid For Video

If you create video, or are involved in video production in any way, you might want to have a look at Scott Kirsner’s list of sites where film-makers can get paid for their output. As this is an Internet resource, the majority of the sites tend to favour shorts, but there are a few places where documentary- or feature-length productions are also considered.

Getting Paid For Design

If you’re a graphic designer, you might want to have a look at 99designs. This is a take on the crowdsourcing concept, where clients can set up a ‘design competition’ with a prize usually ranging from $50 to $500. Designers then submit their work according the the brief, and the client decides which submission is the best – basically, who gets the prize. If you can throw decent designs together fairly quickly, it might be worthwhile putting your spoke in for a few of these…

Getting Paid For Music

If you feel like earning up to €35,000 for four seconds of music, perhaps you should consider entering Sennheiser’s sound logo competition. In fact, you should enter it five times. They’re looking for a short piece of music/sound that will “embody the same impressive qualities as Sennheiser products”. As long as Brian Eno doesn’t enter, you might just have a chance – and it will certainly make a change from composing those thirty-minute prog-rock epics.


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