Tips and Tricks for Ableton Live (and Rewire)

Ableton Live is a seqencing instrument which offers a vast array of features to the live performer. Originally devised as a sample sequencer, it now has added support for MIDI, mixing and production as well as some very advanced real-time effect manipulation. It is an immensely popular program, and allows sequencing to be ‘performed’ rather than just programmed. For some useful tips on getting more out of your Live set, have a look at the covert operators site.

Ableton Live is also a perfect partner to Reason, as the two can be run in unison using the ReWire protocol. When the two programs are linked via ReWire, pressing play on the transport control of one will also activate the other – essentially, the programs function as a single entity in sequencing terms. Moving to a different part of Reason’s timeline will move the focus to the corresponding point in the Ableton timeline, and vice versa. Usually you will have to open Ableton first, and then when you open Reason it will automatically detect Live and set itself into Rewire Slave mode. For more details on ReWire, check out the Rewire page at


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