How To Make A Tie Fighter Sound

Creating sound effects for movies is an interesting occupation, and very often these sounds are created using items or techniques that bear no obvious connection to the cinematic object they are subsequently attached to…

Be More Burtt

Ben Burtt is one of Hollywood’s most prominent sound designers, and has been plying his trade for several decades now. However, he is probably most well known for his involvement in the Star Wars franchise, and has helped create some of the most iconic sounds from that universe.

Here are some classic Star Wars sound effects that you are probably already familiar with:

For the sounds of the TIE fighter, Burtt was actually trying to create a laser gun sound, and through some experimenting with slowing down recordings of elephant shrieks and mixing them with sounds of cars driving through puddles he finally created the sound we now associate with the Imperial vessels. However, it was only after he threw in the sound as a placeholder on a demo reel that it was decided to keep it for that purpose – the audience decided that was clearly the best sound to use, and Burtt was happy to agree with the consensus.

If you’re looking for some more Star Wars sound effects trivia, there is a book on this very subject which may be of interest:


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