Introducing…Canabrism’s ‘A New Suit For Susan’

For the first time since ‘Random’ was released in 2007, we have a Canabrism album that wasn’t born in the RPM Challenge…

Suitable Company

The album ‘A New Suit For Susan’ features tracks originally composed and recorded between 2006 and 2008, though it was only this year that the tracks were finalised into LP format. Most of the tracks were remixed over the past few months (some more than others) and mastering applied to give you the record presented here today.

Special thanks to David Fee for performing/composing track 6, ‘Fee Fi’ – the first collaborative composition to appear on a Canabrism album, and while I might be somewhat biased, I can safely say there are certainly worse things you could be putting in your ears.

You can download the album here:

Canabrism – A New Suit For Susan

And just in case anyone is wondering, there will also be an RPM Challenge Canabrism album this year – as always, the tracks were recorded in February, but there has been quite a bit of post-production and remixing involved this time round. However, I’m confident it will be out in time for Christmas – and in the meantime, there are 13 tracks of Canabrismal goodness to enjoy on ‘A New Suit For Susan’…


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