Thimbletron Has Musical Future Sewn Up

The Evolution Control Committee has expanded on its discovery of a new element (Thimbletronium) by constructing a glove-device which takes advantage of Thimbletronium’s unique properties to deliver copyright-crushing live performances. TradeMark G will be using the MIDI glove on stage at the Maker Faire.


ECC also has some interesting advice to offer Napster listeners – if you run a search for mp3s with a title of ‘mic in track’ you will find a host of recordings that were made by users themselves directly from their computer’s microphone input. Although the quality of these is understandably terrible, a few amusing gems may turn up in the debris.

The Maker Faire is also hosting the 2007 Cassette Jockey Championships – where CJs from around the world can strut their stuff using any sort of device that plays analog cassettes. Expect a myriad of bizarre souped-up tape decks and a whole lot of lead-in antics. More details on this event can be found at Create Digital Music as well as on the Maker Faire site itself.

I wonder if the Thimbletron will feature in Sonic State’s upcoming 20 Weirdest Instruments feature… at the moment, they’re almost done wrapping up their list of the greatest synths, as voted by those who used them most…


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