Space Music: Celebrating Yuri’s Night

Tomorrow is the 47th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s historic flight which made him the first human being to leave this planet. It’s also the anniversary of the first space shuttle launch, which took place exactly twenty years later, and today is the occasion of the 200th post on this blog. To celebrate two of the three events mentioned here, the NASA airfield outside San Francisco is hosting the Yuri’s Night event, which is a sort of cross between a technology expo and a music festival…
(from Music Technology)

Keeping Technology At Bay

The event list for Yuri’s Night looks truly spectacular, with everything from Amon Tobin to the Flaming Lotus Girls to finger painting with planets to interactive Wii visualisations. Everything you need to know is probably contained on the YNBA site – if you’re near enough, you should go, and if you’re not then all you can do is drool wistfully and try and plan your space-time co-ordinates more carefully for next year.

There is a costume competition as well, the theme being space exploration and radical sustainability – and the winner gets their own zero-gravity flight! Create Digital Music is heavily involved in the event, and you can find some more tantalising information on the CDM blog as well as the dedicated Yuri CDM site.

Futuristic Music Design Challenge

Tomorrow (at about 2:30) CDM are running the Futuristic Music Design Challenge where competitors are going head-to-head with their home-made music creating devices, including such delights as a bubblegum ball sequencer, surface temperature synth, bicycle tape machines and Nintendo games.

If this is all a bit too esoteric and intimidating, then perhaps you’d prefer to take it from the top with Christopher Willit’s home studio recording video tutorial. This vid takes you through the basics of getting music into your computer, using using pedals, pickups, and Ableton Live. This is the first installment of what will be a monthly feature on the XLR8R site.


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