Propellerhead Software Adds Record To Reason

The Swedish software team behind the popular music production workstation Reason have now released a new program that brings the Reason workflow to audio recording. In a moment of clarity, they had the brainwave of naming their new program Record

For The Record

Audio recording was perhaps the most requested feature for Reason itself, but that was a can of worms the Props obviously didn’t want to open. However, they did see the benefit of creating an audio-capable workstation in the Reason mould, which is precisely what they’ve done with Record.

The program is only in beta-testing at the moment, but Peter Kirn has a fairly detailed feature overview and commentary at CDM.

On the face of it, Record seems to be just another DAW – after all, audio recording is nothing new, and Reason was unusual for not having such capabilities in the first place. However, if you like the intuitive and reliable workflow that is such a unique part of the Reason experience, it seems likely that Record will merely extend this paradigm into the realm of audio.

Recording In The Box

This in itself may set it apart from other DAW solutions for many musicians; like Reason, Record doesn’t expose itself to third-party plugins, but it does have a suite of built-in Line 6 Pod effects and simulators. This means that it should work reliably, offer ample processing options and allow musicians to get their ideas to bed before… well, bedtime.

One thing that sounds remarkably good is the tempo stretching… check it out in the video below.

Record is obviously designed to integrate seamlessly with Reason via Rewire, although it seems entirely capable in its own right. The release date is currently slated for September 9th, with an initial price tag of 299 euro, although there should be a significant discount for Reason owners.


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