Logic Pro X – The Update Arrives

It’s been quite a long wait – four years since the last update to Logic 9 – but Apple’s immensely popular DAW is finally here in its latest version ten iteration. So what exactly have we been waiting for?

Putting Logic To The Test


The interface has been overhauled and several new features added, the most immediately notable of which is perhaps Logic’s accompanying iPad controller app (which comes as part of the Logic X bundle).

But before you get too excited about this new release, bear in mind it does require your Mac to be running the Mountain Lion OS…

Logical Additions

Logic X includes extensive updates to the sample and MIDI libraries, as well as a Drummer for adding a bit of dynamic rhythm to your compositions, and a new Flex Pitch feature to add to the previous Flex Time functionality. Flex pitch is very much delving into the same territory as the Celemony Melodyne program, which allows you to alter pitch/intonation within existing audio content. Although Logic’s offering won’t offer the same depth of processing ability, it should be interesting for sonic tweaking.

There is also an export-to-MIDI feature similar to that which appeared in Ableton Live 9 (though Logic doesn’t currently support percussive content). This was one of the more creative additions to Live 9, and can lead to some unusual twists in the composition/production process.

Some Potential Pitfalls

Although Logic X has dropped support for 32-bit plugins (moving to a fully 64-bit platform), it is possible to still run Logic 9 alongside X. If you want to get Logic X, you’ll need to go through the App store, but at $199/£140 it is a very competitive price point for such an extensive audio production solution.

As a relative newcomer to the world of Logic, and not yet in possession of version X, I would direct any interested parties to CDM’s extensive hands-on look at the new software…


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