Free Ableton Live Tutorials and Packs

One of the advantages of Ableton Live is its sheer popularity – pretty much any contemporary electronic musician will have at least tried it, even if they are not in fact using it on a regular basis, or as their main DAW. This means there are a wealth of resources out there to help you get the most from Live…

Learn To Live

Dubspot are currently offering free access to a 30-lesson online Ableton Live course, which you can find here – but it’s only available until the end of June, so you’d better check it out right now.

This course is compiled by Dubspot’s own Thavius Beck, a certified Ableton instructor who also put together a very handy list of 30 Live tips which you can find over at Create Digital Music. Unlike the 30 lesson series, these tips do not have an expiry date, and will likely remain fresh indefinitely.

Before creating the 30 lesson course, Thavius presented a ‘Did You Know?’ series on Ableton Live which follows a similar vein. You can check out the full series here:

A Year With Swollen Live Packs

In other free-ableton-live-material news, back in April 2011, AfroDJMac began an ambitious project of releasing (for free) a new Live Pack every week for a year. Not only did he succeed in this, he has continued on into a second year – to avail of this free Live inspiration, visit the site where you will find such goodies as this Filter Rack and Space Delay. He also provides some tutorial videos for extra Ableton insights…


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