Raga Man Names Band

Naming your band is a very important decision, for a number of reasons. First of all, your band is your brand, and having a memorable or interesting name might give you a slight edge in a very saturated market. Also, it’s important to ensure that nobody else is using your name already, as this can lead to legal troubles should you ever rise to prominence later on. But if you’re stuck in a creative rut trying to come up with that memorable moniker, here are a couple of suggestions…

Try Some Anagram Magic

If you want to mix things up, why not try this useful online anagram tool? Simply enter your name into the box and it will shuffle the letters into a list of viable anagrams. Unless your name is Bono, there’s bound to be a few gems coming out the other end.

I am quite pleased to note that ‘Dan Foley’ generates such delights as ‘Day Felon’, ‘Anode Fly’ and ‘Leafy Nod’. The anagram generator also had success with ‘Canabrism’ – this seed provided ‘Brain Scam’, ‘Mars Cabin’ and the reassuringly noble ‘Ban Racism’.

Searching For A Band Name

Over on the Linkdisco site you can find some suggestions about using Web search to find a band name. This technique is well worth considering because it can reveal a name that not only is interesting but also valuable in terms of search traffic. And who wouldn’t want to be in a band that’s popular before it even exists?


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