You’ve Got The Look

Propellerhead Software released a workflow update for Reason 10 (labelled version 10.2) back in September, which adds a few tweaks that users may be happy to see (but won’t revolutionise the overall music creation process)…

Constant Improvement

Reason 10.2 adds a few things such as multi-lane MIDI editing, adjusting multiple faders at once and snapping to an adaptive grid – you can see the details here.

Multi-lane editing in something that I personally am very glad to see, but overall these are pretty small changes to the overall package (Properllerheads note that they are working on another free update for next year which will address issues with VST performance – the introduction of third party VSTs being perhaps the single most significant change to Reason over the past two decades).

Learn From The Past

It is perhaps remarkable to observe how little the fundamentals of Reason have changed since the early days; obviously it is far more sophisticated a package now, but anyone who came from Reason version 1 (somehow missing all the intervening iterations) straight to version 10 would still recognise it as Reason (and indeed some of the instruments such as Redrum are remarkably unchanged).

On a related note, those with an interest in user interface design may want to check out this Control Panel Tumblr collection of vintage consoles, UIs and random pieces of (sort of) ancient technology. Not specifically music related, but there are some nice examples of synths and old hi-fi components that definitely could be used as inspiration for a digital plug-in or two…


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