Unusual Cube Tunes

I have written several posts about alternative MIDI controllers, such as the Reactable (as used by Bjork) and the slightly more haphazard offerings of the Maker Faire.

Today I came across another MIDI controller which is actually on sale now – Percussa’s Audio Cubes. These are colourful, hand-sized controller cubes which can operate via USB or batteries. They glow in a variety of pleasant tones that can be synchronised with your music or controlled directly.

Audio cubes

The Percussa website provides videos demonstrating how the cubes can be used – the first one is probably the most revealing, as the effects of the devices on the Ableton Live rack are shown clearly. The other videos are in a live performance setting, and it is hard to make out what the connection is between moving the cubes and changes to the music.

I don’t think the cubes solve the transparency issues of electronic music performance, but they are a step in the right direction, and will definitely brighten up a laptop set. You can purchase the devices in a set of two cubes for 349 euro or a four-pack for 599 euro.


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