Top 5 Lists Of 2008

Another year gone, and it’s time to take stock of our personal universes once more. As the blogosphere is now busy listing what was best and worst in 2008, I somehow feel compelled to join in (and it’s an easy way to cobble together a post without too much effort). So, without further ado, here is a list of five lists from Podcomplex’s latest orbit of Sol…

How To Record Vocals

A list of useful plugins and techniques for capturing that perfect vocal take. If your female singer somehow ends up sounding like Bob Dylan in a tumble-dryer when you commit her to tape, perhaps you should try out some of these easily digestible Vocal Tips For Great Recordings.

How’s The Forum?

Sometimes no amount of scouring the Internet will provide the answer to your problem – even (or perhaps especially) if it seems like something that should have a trivial solution. In such cases, it’s a good idea to turn to your peers for assistance.

No matter what area you’re working in, you should be able to find a forum where you can ask any question – if you’re a musician or producer, look no further than this Useful Music Forum List.

Gifts For The Pro Tools User

Pro Tools is sometimes referred to as the industry-standard DAW, and it certainly does form the backbone of many professional recording studios. However, as it eschews the open-source VST plugin format in favour of proprietary RTAS or TDM plugins, it doesn’t boast the same range of free expansion potential as other sequencing packages. However, there are still some goodies to be had if you’re looking for free Pro Tools Plugins

More Pressing Matters

The WordPress platform recently hit version 2.7, and is an excellent way to get a website up and running without having to know a whole lot about HTML, php or other webdev chicanery. Once you have installed a WordPress blog, you can musically enhance it by referring to this list of WordPress Music Plugins

Complete Post Production

I’ve been quite lax about streamlining the site, and many older posts were not particularly accessible (either to human visitors or search engine spiders). In an effort to improve this situation, I created the Podpost Index. This provides a link to every post on the blog, grouped by category – check out the Music Technology Archive and behold…


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