Top 20 Music Technology Posts of 2007

Another year gone, another bumper crop of tips, tricks and trivia to summarise. It’s been quite a big year for Podcomplex, with a lot of content added to the blog and a massive database of music opened up in the independent artists section. The OMS platform has itself been evolving, and artists can now sell their music here as well as distributing it for free. But what are the blog highlights of the past year?

The Year in Music Technology

It has been a particularly volatile year for the music industry, with many major record labels and online outlets taking the first steps towards a DRM-free future. The provision of higher-bitrate mp3 downloads may be seen as a positive move, but there is some concern that the use of audio watermarking may be a worse cure than the DRM-disease ever was.

On the other side of the musical fence, Radiohead took a lot of headlines for distributing their album In Rainbows themselves – a first for a band of this size, and something the industry will try to discourage in any way they can. It seems clear that the role of the record company is changing; production and distribution is now in the hands of the masses, so promotion will be the trump card from now on.

Twenty Things of Note

Enough preamble, here are 20 posts that were either particularly popular or covered significant events in the sphere of music technology over the course of the past 12 months.

  1. Yahoo! and Gracenote to End the Mondegreen
  2. How to Make People Love Your Music
  3. Getting Started With MIDI
  4. Setting Buffers and Latency for your Audio Interface
  5. Getting Started With Mastering and EQ
  6. It’s a ReacTable Bjork
  7. Musical Suicide for All
  8. This Is Our Ears Under Pressure
  9. 117 Places to Plug Your Performances
  10. Patching Up A Gig With Reason
  11. Mobile Music Marketing
  12. Internet Radio Takes A Hit
  13. Why Aren’t You Listening To Me, Dave?
  14. When Eleven Just Isn’t Loud Enough
  15. Gaming The Music Industry
  16. Silly Spectrum Analysis
  17. How The Brain Processes Music
  18. The Longest-Running Break Of All Time
  19. Choosing A Music Laptop
  20. More Ways To Make Money From Music


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