Synaesthesia Comes To Life

For some people, the boundaries between senses can overlap – they see sounds as colours, or tastes and words intermingle. This condition is known as synaesthesia, and Terri Timely has created a brief but complex video that illustrates it in a fascinating manner…

Seen And Heard

Synesthesia Cat
Last year I covered the topic of synaesthesia in relation to an experimental hardware system that aims to help blind people to see with their ears – you can catch up on that sound and vision post here.

Although participants are obviously not required to have synaesthesia to utilize the device, one wonders whether this would in fact be an advantage.

Translating audio input into a visual plane for the purposes of environmental orientation is not exactly intuitive – seeing sounds as colours is one thing, but using such colours to perform spatial navigation is another.

More Than The Eye Can Hear

At any rate, the video entitled ‘Synesthesia’ by Terri Timely is a very well developed study of this topic, in the form of an entertaining (but quite brief) music/word/vegetable video.

It is only available on their site as a Quicktime movie, but the quality is higher than your average YouTube embed…!

Synesthesia Room


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