SmartSound Announces BackStage for Sonicfire

Sonicfire is a music scoring software package aimed at production/post-production professionals, and it has been further enhanced by the announcment of the BackStage website -Â which will be available to all registered users of the software. BackStage is set to go live on 1st June, and takes advantage of SmartSound’s advanced music library resources to create an online Automatic Cue Sheet service. Previously, production companies would have to compile their own cue sheets from edit decision lists (EDLs), a process which is notoriously laborious and time-consuming. With BackStage, processing cue sheets takes only a matter of minutes, and the system is able to recognise other music libraries as well as SmartSound’s own.

One interesting feature of the Sonicfire program is Mood Mapping, which imbues music with metadata reflecting the ‘mood’ of each section or component, allowing for more accurate matching of music with events on-screen. It is also possible to easily find all variations of a particular piece of audio, such as different performance lengths, mixes and featured instruments.

However, if this is all a bit much, and you just want something to take care of your mp3 collection, you could try MediaMonkey instead. It is an advanced music collection organiser, and can help you find that Elvis Costello track you knew you once had (probably on some bizarre compilation album).  Pop over to Create Digital Music for an enthusiastic review of the monkey magic and its manifold mysteries.


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