Silly Spectrum Analysis

If there is such a thing as a silly spectrum, the following items would certainly be easily detectable on it; however, these devices are actually somewhat unusual ways of analysing and visually representing an audio spectrum…

Equaliser Artwork

First off, we have ‘On’ – a rather expensive wall-mounted EQ artwork created by Jean Octobon. As he has a pretty cool name, I will allow his own words to explain what ‘On’ is giving you for your €6,000: that is, an “electronic dynamic luminous sculpture-picture”. If you want to look at this marvel for yourself, here is the place to go.


Audio Fountain

Moving into a more liquid environment, we have a spectrum analyser that uses water pumps to provide its output. This device was developed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and you can see its spectral fountains in action here.

Water EQ

Hot Music Technology

For those of you who prefer to play with fire, perhaps a Rubens Tube would be more appropriate. This video over at the wonderfully esoteric Music Thing website illustrates what happens when flames start to burn up the dancefloor. This demo starts out with some simple standing waves, then moves on to some Jazz and Rock…


If you can’t bear to be without some sort of audio analysis device for more than a few seconds, perhaps a wearable graphic EQ tshirt would be of interest. This garment has a large colourful 8-bar pseudo EQ on the front which responds to ambient noise, or music.

Wearable EQ


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