Exploring Second-Hand Mp3 Marketplaces

Reselling old albums has long been a popular method for generating extra cash – usually with a view to buying new albums. This second-hand trade was simple enough in the days of CD or vinyl, with a physical product to exchange, but what about the second-hand mp3 marketplace?

The Virtual Hand Of The Market

Although one might think it is destined to fail from the outset, several ventures are attempting to create a valid way of trading second-hand mp3 music.

One such site is People’s Music Store, which allows anybody to create their own mp3 download shop. Basically, you sign up and create your storefront, and then populate your shop with songs from your library. Anyone can then buy them as downloads, and the store owner gets to keep 10% of the purchase price which they can then redeem against new songs for themselves.

Another similar service is Bopaboo, which is still in beta. An alternative angle to these approaches is that of file sharing sites such as MegaUpload, who offer $1,500 every time your files generate one million downloads on their network – even if you have procured such files through less than legal channels.

Although the second-hand mp3 market is very frail at the moment, it may actually prove to be more robust than one would expect, and could actually become a viable distribution and promotion channel in the future…


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