Rock Band Opens To Indie Musicians

Computer games are now a very valuable promotional tool for musicians, and can be a decent revenue stream in their own right. The success of Rock Band has led to a flurry of sequels, and now any musician can apply to have their tunes included in the game…

Developing For Rock Band

If you want to put your song in Rock Band, you will have to do a bit of developing first. The Rock Band game was originally created for the Xbox, and to get started you must join Microsoft’s XNA Creator’s Club.

This was intended as a platform for developers to create their own games for distribution on the Xbox marketplace, but now it also gives you access to the Rock Band creators tools – which you need to convert your tracks into Rock Band format.

The Approval Game

Japandroids @ Ottawa Bluesfest
Creative Commons License photo credit: blurasis

Once you have adapted your masterpiece, you must submit it for approval. If MTV Games deem it worthy, it will emerge on the Rock Band Network.

If the Rock Band team are impressed, then your opus may be made available on Xbox, PlayStation and Wii versions of the game.

While this is great in theory, you will have to produce a very compelling track to get this far – but at least the potential is there.

The benefits of being featured in a computer game can be extensive – and for unknown artists, it can be the breakthrough that really sets the ball rolling in an extremely competitive sector.


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