Pump Gets Snocapped

Pump Audio and Snocap have begun a collaboration which will allow Snocap-registered artists to license their work through Pump. Although Pump is actually open to artists to submit their work directly – Podcomplex is currently working on licensing our artists for media sync through Pump – this pooling of resources should make the process far simpler for Snocap composers.

Pump audio provides a database of music to industry professionals who wish to find high-quality, low-cost music for TV, film and multimedia projects. This is a win-win situation, as producers have instant access to a huge range of pre-licensed tracks, and composers get paid anytime their music is used in a production, without having to be involved in legal discussions, licensing debates or haggling over fees. If you have some music you think might be suitable for such purposes, pop over to Pump and fill out the form.


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