Pro Tools Video Tutorials

Sometimes the best way to learn about your DAW is by observing a seasoned user actually putting its powers to the test. Here are a selection of Pro Tools videos to get you started…

First Port Of Call For Pro Tools – Digidesign TV

The Digidesign site has quite a few Pro Tools tutorial videos, and these are an excellent introduction to all flavours of the DAW (HD, LE or M-Powered). From the addition of elastic audio in version 7.4 to dedicated videos on the new plug-ins of version 8 (Boom, Vacuum et al.), this is certainly recommended viewing for those just starting out with Pro Tools.

You’ll need to create a user account on the site in order to view the tutorials, but if you already have a copy of Pro Tools then you should have this setup already. You can visit the Digidesign TV page here.

Brent Heber’s Pro Tools Guides

Brent Heber has a good collection of videos on his Vimeo page, and as an experienced HD user he certainly knows a few handy tips and tricks, many of which are applicable to all versions of the DAW.

Breathe In The AIR – Plugin Wonders

The Advanced Instrument Research group are responsible for those very tasty plugins that come with Pro Tools, such as Structure, Boom, Xpand, Vacuum – and more besides. Even better, they have a large selection of tutorial videos on their blog, which you can peruse on this list.

Chris Bryant Shows You Pro Tools

Over at the ShowMeProTools site, Chris Bryant has some more PT video goodies, and as the site’s name would suggest, it’s a good source of tips. Check out his video section here.

Time Flies In The Studio Files

The Studio Files site has plenty of tutorial videos for Pro Tools, and a few for other programs also. General techniques are covered, as well as specific coverage of individual instruments and effects. The video below shows an approach to drum track tweaking with warp markers and elastic audio…

Pro Tools At Home With Joe

Joe Gilder runs the Home Studio Corner site, and the blog is another good destination for Pro tools information, as well as general home recording advice. Joe is a firm believer in the philosophy of learning to use the gear you have more effectively, rather than getting caught up in time consuming gear lust upgrade frenzies, or as he calls it – “Gear Acquisition Syndrome“. To that end, he provides a selection of tips and tutorial videos.

Kalmusky Wraps It Up

Last (for now) but by no means least, David Kalmusky is another Pro Tools veteran with a penchant for video tutelage. You can visit his selection of educational works here


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