Podcomplex Launches OMS Beta

Although Podcomplex has been developing organically over the past year (and will continue to do so), today a rather more dramatic change to the site has been implemented. As you can see from the homepage, Podcomplex is now an official part of the Open Music Source (OMS) network, which provides online distribution and promotion services to more than 6,000 artists via 36 platforms. These numbers are growing daily, and clearly illustrate that the way we consume music is inevitably moving towards an open source model.

You can now browse through a huge database of new independent music on the Podcomplex OMS Page, listen to and download mp3s from OMS artists, read bios and news updates, and keep abreast of upcoming performances.

If you are a musician, you can register a band account for submission to the database, which is a great way of gaining exposure and building your fanbase across the world.

Go and check it out – the features of this platform are constantly being refined and expanded, but it is already an amazing resource.


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