Phone Music On The Move

More and more people are using their mobile phones as music players, and the record industry is taking notice. As people listen to music on the move, they are also beginning to purchase music from their phones – a fact that major labels and independent artists alike can take advantage of…

Phone Music Growth And Usage

Nokia recently announced their “Comes With Music” program in the UK, coinciding with the release of the 5800 touchscreen music phone (nicknamed ‘Tube’).

This is a subscription-based service, with the price included in the cost of the phone or contract. The service allows users unlimited access to a database of 4 million songs, which can be downloaded directly to the handset.

It will be interesting to see how this service fares – such subscription models haven’t proven popular with Europeans to date. However, in Japan over 90% of all purchased digital music is downloaded to mobile phones, and given the explosive growth of mobile usage over here it seems inevitable that a similar pattern will evolve.

Mobile Marketing For Musicians

I have previously looked at the issue of mobile music marketing for the independent musician, and the potential in this area is enormous. Obvious promotional routes include ringtones and mobile downloads, but there are other ways the mobile market can help young bands.

Mobile apps are something that tech-savvy musicians might want to consider; as a more accessible strategy, services like Twitter are an excellent way of communicating to your fanbase wherever you (or they) are.

Arial Hyatt has a few more useful tips on mobile music over at MTT


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