Nude, Star Wars – Together At Last

While the idea of a nude version of Lucas’ classic movie may have some appeal, today’s post presents a rather different angle on two popular pieces of music. I mentioned Radiohead’s release of Nude in stem form a while ago, and while many excellent remixes emerged, the one featured below is easily the most unusual I’ve heard (or seen)…and in a similar vein, we have a floppy disk playing the Emperor’s march from Star Wars…

Introducing The Hardware Remix

The idea of repurposing old hardware to create new music is extremely popular at the moment, particularly in the area of ‘chipcore’, where musicians dig sounds out of primitive sound circuits such as those found in early games consoles. 8-bit is the new hi-fi, so gather your bitcrushers and have a go.

Taking this concept further, creating a sort of live performance musique concréte, we have the hardware remix. Check out this version of Radiohead’s nude performed with a dot matrix printer, a ZX Spectrum and a box full of hard drives…(it does take a while to load from the cassette, so please be patient).

And as if that wasn’t enough, here a similar approach is applied in convincing a floppy disk to perform a symphonic work from a popular science-fiction fantasy motion picture…Star Wars Goes Floppy.


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