Music And Technology On Word Parole

A number of news sites today pronounced that web searches relating to music and technology yield the most dangerous results.

In this case, ‘dangerous‘ sites are those that attempt to fill your computer with spyware, malware, dodgy toolbars or other unwanted excreta. It is estimated that some 19.1% of sites returned for a query of ‘digital music’ contain such elements. However, this is some way behind ‘screensaver’, which returns a danger score of 42%. The continued popularity of screensavers is something of a mystery really, considering that they were originally designed to combat screen burn-in on old CRT monitors. As modern monitors don’t suffer such problems, there is no longer any practical reason to have one. In fact, a DAW should have all power managment or screen saver options turned off, to prevent any unexpected surprises during a long take. More details on this can be found on the XP tweak page.

Hopefully any alarms triggered for dodgy music and tech terms are not applied to ‘music technology’ – it is an area that is under-represented on the web already. This is an issue that J. Pisano is trying to address by compiling a list of sites relevant to music technology (particularly in education). You can check out his initial list at mustech.


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