Music 2.0 Directory Launched

Rocketsurgeon is always brimming with information and examples of the latest digital entertainment technologies, whether by implementing them on the site itself or providing news and reviews. Jadam Kahn has taken this ethic even further in compiling a directory of Music 2.0 sites.

Given the seemingly exponential increase in the number of such sites over the past few months, this was quite an ambitious undertaking, but he has developed what may well be the single most coherent and comprehensive resource for anyone looking to explore the world of contemporary music distribution on the Internet. I previously broached this task in a far less committed manner by writing a post featuring seventeen OMD (online music distribution) sites, but the Rocketsurgeon directory list stretches into the hundreds.

In other news, a playable air guitar was revealed at the Tokyo International Toy Show – this device uses heat and motion sensors to activate playback of guitar riffs or entire songs. The “Air Guitar Pro” was built by Takara Tomy Corp. For more details and photos of the air guitar in action, see this article at Reuters.


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