Making Music Production Accessible

Creating (and indeed listening to) music has wide-reaching benefits which extend from the personal to the social; it can enhance wellbeing, increase interpersonal bonds and provides a valuable outlet for creativity. But what if you are unable to play any traditional instruments?

Using Technology To Overcome Music Performance Obstacles

There are many forms disabilities can take, and not all will impact a person’s ability to play a musical instrument. Conversely, there are of course many conditions that do prevent people from being able to express themselves musically – and overcoming such limitations could drastically improve their quality of life.

Fortunately, there are organisations which are helping to provide bespoke solutions in these cases, bringing music performance to those who otherwise would be deprived of this creative outlet. Examples of such entities are Music Together, Arts & Disability Ireland and the South West Open Youth Orchestra (in the UK).

The below video shows how SWOYO member Bradley Warwick uses an instrument he controls using eye movement:

For more insight into how technology can improve access to music production, check out this post on making music with your mind


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