Keeping Track Of Music Technology

The number of quality music technology resources readily available on the Web remains remarkably low; for example, a search for ‘music technology’ on Technorati usually reveals no pertinent results on the first page of posts. Switching over to the ‘blogs’ tab for this search, many of the results are ‘splogs’ (spam blogs) of considerable sophistication (in spam terms) but absolutely no value

It seems that musicians must spend all their time actually making music, rather than reading or blogging about their activities. In contrast, the graphic design crowd have a very strong blog presence – one of the top results for music technology is Thomas Hawk’s blog, which focuses on photography and design.

I did come across a new site today, Music Tech for ME, which produces music technology podcasts – this post covers the topic of mobile (hand-held) audio recorders. After a quick check, however, I discovered that this site already features in J. Pisano’s list of the top 25 music technology blogs – a list which he hasn’t managed to fill yet!

I am actually considering getting a new portable audio recorder, mainly for capturing interesting sounds outside the confines of my studio, and recording quick ideas for songs when a full session isn’t convenient. The biggest buzz in this area at the moment is over the Zoom H4, which boasts two inbuilt condenser microphones, XLR connectors for external mics, 4-track capabilities and 24bit/96kHz recording. CDM have a post on this unit, and the discussion threads show that opinions are still divided; many are holding out for the release of the cheaper H2 which should be out this Autumn.


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