Introducing… Canabrism’s 2×2

Just as 2016 draws to a close, it’s time to reveal this year’s RPM challenge album from Canabrism. This is a two disc bonanza of ambient sounds for the soporific connoisseur…

Stretch In The Evenings

This year’s Canabrism album is entitled 2×2 (a reference to Noah’s ark) and is ostensibly a double album. Side one is a collection of ambient tracks created in February 2016, and side two is a track called ’70 Years of Long Americans’.

Side two is actually just David Bowie fed through Paulstretch (the main input is ‘Young Americans’ but there’s also some audio from ‘7 Years in Tibet’ in the mix).

Minimal Input

The first side is more ambient than the usual Canabrism fare, primarily as there was much less free time available for music creation this year. The tracks rely heavily on Native Instruments’ arsenal for soundscape creation, with most of the tracks mixed in Ableton Live (two were created in Pro Tools).

Here’s the track listing, with a download link to the full album below:

– Defrost
– Bias Appoint
– Warmup
– Clocked
– Hailstones
– Dyscovery
– Burpose
– Dodobob
– Pedalo
– Springcakes
– Bonnet
– Overheros
– Carapace
– Gooky
– Heteromorphic
– Vestibule
– Leaplord

If you would like to download the album (zipped mp3) then feel free to use this link: Canabrism – 2×2. This is ‘disc one’ of 2×2 in effect – the second disc is really a bonus track for people who want to try listening to an hour of extreme audio stretching…


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