How to Sell Your Music

For many aspiring musicians, their ultimate ambition is to become rich and famous and play sell-out gigs in massive arenas around the world. Other musicians are quite happy to just get on with the creative side of things without being bogged down by trying to ‘make it’ in the industry – after all, most do what they do purely because they love it, and will continue to make music regardless of whether they earn any money from it, or if anyone is listening.

However, it is still very pleasant to be in the position whereby you can earn a living from doing something you love…and it is possible to achive this, if you are dedicated enough, talented enough, and know how to put yourself out there in the most effective way.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever read on this topic can be found on Derek Sivers’ advice page – he covers a huge range of issues, including band promotion, how to get college gigs, developing your website, how to know when you’re doing something wrong…the list goes on, and it’s well worth a read.

If you want to sell your physical CD online in the States, then CDbaby is a good starting point. They even provide a UPC barcode, and your album will be automatically registered with Nielsen Soundscan, ensuring that you will be featured in the charts should sales of your disc suddenly go through the roof…


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