Getting Our Onlines and Offlines Crossed (Ninja Style)

The reality virtual is encroaching upon our physical world once more – this time round, it’s sponsored by Ninja Tune. The label has organised a ‘user-generated’ club night at The Big Chill House on Pentonville Road (London), where listener playlists will be used to determine the songs played on the night. is featuring prominently over at Music Interfaces, where they reveal a technique for determining how eclectic your musical taste is, again based on your listening data. Once it has your info, it provides you with a score out of 100, with 100 being the most eclectic. Not exactly rocket science, but an amusing diversion nonetheless…

Slightly closer to rocket science, Rocketsurgeon features an interesting compilation of Music 2.0 logos, reflecting the branding preferences of the modern OMD entity. A predominance of red and blue wet floor effects are observed here – and plenty of rounded fonts. I would be interested to know how important the colour scheme and logo design are to the success of such a site – it is generally acknowledged that green acts as an appetite suppressant, but does this apply to the food of love?

Music 2.0 Logos

Guitar Guitar Guitar Guitar

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