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Pro Tools uses a proprietary plug-in format called RTAS (Real Time AudioSuite) which is equivalent to the open source VST plugin format used in other sequencers such as Logic and Cubase. As anyone can create their own VSTs and release them to the public, there are literally thousands of VST plugins out there, ranging in price from free to remarkably expensive. As there is no quality control system on these plugins, their usefulness also varies a lot – but at least for the free plugins, you don’t have much to lose by giving them a go. For Pro Tools users, however, there are still a few ways to expand your RTAS plugin arsenal on the cheap…
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Free RTAS Plugins – Yes, They Do Exist

Although thin on the ground, there are a few free RTAS plugins to be had if you know where to look.

Pro Tools does come with some nifty plugins out of the box, but if you want to grab a few more then try these:

Some of these are actually demo or trial versions, but it’s a start.

Free RTAS Plugins From VST – Time To Wrap Up

If you really want to use VST plugins with your Pro Tools rig, there is a way – you can get yourself a wrapper program that acts as an interface between the VST and Pro Tools itself.

You can buy this program from FXpansion for about €75, and once it’s installed then you can call up your VSTs in Pro Tools just like you would your usual RTAS Plugins.

You can read about my experience with the Fxpansion wrapper program in this post about my VST to RTAS wrapping adventures.


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