Free Plugin Update – TC Reverb & More

Although it’s being well covered on other sites, I thought I would also flag TC Electronic’s very time-limited free plugin offer. Basically, they are giving away their M30 VST/AU reverb plugin in exchange for an email address, but the deal expires tomorrow!

Get Yourself Some TC Verb

TC Electronic M30 Free Reverb Plugin
If you haven’t already, then head over to the TC Electronic site, give them an email address and they’ll send you the download link for the plugin.

This is some very good marketing by the TC Electronic folks – they’ve generated a lot of buzz in the blogosphere with this offer, and they get a lot of valuable email addresses out of it as well. Of course, it’s really a win-win, because us producer and musician types get another reverb unit for what ‘feels like free’ – and this is exactly the sort of strategy that pays off in the digital domain.

Want Some More Free Plugins?

If you’re reading this after the deadline for the freebie has expired, or if you just love free plugins, then I think I might be able to help, simply by rummaging through the Podcomplex archives.

There’s a jolly nice selection of free VST plugins here, for your low-budget production pleasure.

If Pro Tools is more your thing, then you might like some free RTAS plugins instead…


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