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Unusual orchestras seem to be the current craze in mainstream TV advertising; Sony’s ‘human sequencer orchestra’ gained quite a bit of coverage when it was released, and now Ford are getting in on the act with an orchestra playing instruments made from Ford Focus components…
(from Music Technology)

Exhausting Musical Possibilities

To create the instruments for this orchestra, the engineers took one Ford Focus five-door hatchback and converted 21 separate parts of it into 31 different instruments. A particularly witty touch is the ‘Ford Fender Bass’ – I’m sure you can guess which part of the car that was made from. Other instruments created from the debris include the following:

* Clutch Guitar (ornamented with a backdrop from inside a door)
* a Spike Fiddle made from a rear suspension mount and a shock absorber
* a Shockbone made primarily from shock absorber parts
* a Window Frame Harp
* an Opera Window Violin
* and a Dijeruba which works both as a dijeridu type of instrument and a primitive sort of tuba

The results of this radical repurposing can be seen in the final advertisement shown below…

Back to the Mixtape – USB Style

On another note, those of you who have mourned the death of the mixtape will be pleased to hear that it has been resurrected in a modified format more suited to the digital age. Suck UK have devised a USB ‘mixtape’ flash drive that is housed in a replica cassette shell, complete with a liner that you can customise to your heart’s content, just as in days of old…

USB Mixtape


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