Fame, Wassies and the Foley Room

Taking a step into the surreal world of Cork-based musical eccentricity, Nialler9 posted a piece on “May Fame” – a quirky mockumentary featuring the larger-than-life Giordai Ua Laoghaire. In the film, Giordai epitomises a plethora of classic rock cliches and even indulges in a spot of nude frolicking. In real life (whatever that is), he formed the band Nine Wassies from Bainne, whose album ‘Ciddy Hall’ was engineered and produced by Aidan Foley (no relation to me). “May Fame” was directed by Colm Tobin of Langerland, who is no relation to Amon Tobin. Amon Tobin has just released an album called “Foley Room” (no relation to me).

Foley Room” is something of a music concrete venture, as the tracks are based on samples collected in the wild using roving microphones. A Foley Room is where Foley Artists record sound effects and incidental music for films – the art of adding such sound effects to movies takes its name from Jack Foley, a Hollywood producer who developed his techniques at Universal Studios. His career spans the transition from silent movies to ‘talkies’, and his vast portfolio includes the chain-gang sounds in ‘Spartacus’ and the propeller sound in ‘Pink Submarine’ (reputedly produced by recording a burp and looping it backwards).


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