Introducing… Canabrism’s ‘Own Some Moon Land’

It’s time for another Canabrism album release, but this one is a blast from the past…a collection of tracks from more than a decade ago!

Just Like Old Times

This Canbrism album’s title is taken from a search ad which was attempting to sell people small pieces of real estate on the moon, for which they would receive a certificate of ownership – hence, own some moon land.

The tracks and the title were compiled around 2006, and Own Some Moon Land is therefore the chronological successor to 2005’s Between Things Together. However, for some reason I never got around to actually mastering and packaging up the album with a cover.

This oversight has now been remedied, and you can now download and enjoy the album here. For reference, here is the track list:

1. Bearskin Whistles
2. Young Like Apples
3. Das How Its Done
4. Handy Mandibles
5. Cablecar
6. Cunning Bunny
7. Faint Praise
8. Embrace the Bass
9. Sayers Take
10. Tangent Handle
11. Constant Dissolves
12. My Toes Are Nebulae
13. Thumb Train

Avid followers of Canabrism may recognise a couple of these titles from previous videos; here is the video for ‘My Toes Are Nebulae’:

You can download the full album here: Canabrism – Own Some Moon Land


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