Introducing… Canabrism’s ‘Midnight Mango’

Setting a new record for late delivery, this is the 2017 RPM Challenge album from Canabrism, entitled ‘Midnight Mango’…

A Late Night Snack

Having upgraded to Reason 9 last year, this album was entirely created on that platform, and the welcome addition of third-party VST plugin support meant that some Native Instruments FX were also added in post-production.

This first and last tracks feature samples from Culture Club and The Cure, respectively, and throughout the album you will find a variety of snippets purloined from an eclectic mix of media sources.

Archives of Irish advertising broadcasts were plundered for this one, as well as several documentaries from the last millennium (covering topics such as psychology, astronomy and The Clash).

A variety of cult movie classics pop up at various points, as well as a couple of samples from more recent TV series.

The album can be downloaded in its entirety here:

Canabrism – Midnight Mango

If you don’t have time to unzip the archive and devote 45 minutes to the entire album right now, a selection of tracks can be found below for your immediate listening pleasure:

Wiggle Like A Wombat
Lost Bottle
Take Back The Cognac Rack


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