Brain Music Can Relieve Stress

It is common knowledge that music can have a therapeutic and soothing effect; in fact, music is uniquely potent when it comes to eliciting emotional responses. However, recent studies show that the brain is capable of composing stress-relieving music of its own…

Composition Of The Brain

The Department of Homeland Security in the US seem to be doing a lot of research into how the brain works; one of their recent endeavours (which has now been released to the public) shows how music created from subjects’ own brain waves can be used for therapeutic purposes.

A scan of the brain allows the technicians to translate an individual’s unique brainwave activity into musical notation, which can then be played back to them as part of a prescribed listening regime.

Staying Tuned In

The focus of the work is on federal agents, firefighters and policemen who face stressful situations on a regular basis.

There are two distinct types of brain composition being used – one is for relaxation, helping subjects to unwind and enjoy better sleep, and the other is for focus, making them more alert and able to make better decisions.

At any rate, it seems the brain has a hidden talent for music – check out this ‘alertness’ composition by an anonymous brain.

Alert Brainwaves


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