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The blog is the core of the site, providing regular updates on music technology news, promotion techniques, production tips and gear sightings. Visit the various blog category pages by clicking on the images below, or go straight to the music technology blog homepage here.

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Podcomplex Musician's Guides

The blog is a constantly evolving creature, but sometimes it's necessary to create some more static reference sources. In the Guides section, you will find information on basic music theory, an introduction to the physics of audio waveform behaviour, a handy collection of tips for optimising your computer for better audio performance, as well as guides to computer hardware, and more besides. There are direct links to three of the guides below, but you can find the rest by visiting the musician's guides section here.

  • Music Theory 101

    Music Theory 101

    Learn the fundamentals of music theory - notation, rhythm, tempo, key signatures...

  • Physics Of Sound

    Physics Of Sound

    The properties of waveforms, characteristics of sound and the science of audio..

  • PC Tweaking

    Computer Optimisation

    Get your machine up to speed with these DAW tweaking tips...

Podcomplex Records Independent Music

The whole point of music technology is of course to create music, and this is where you can find plenty of it. Check out the latest productions from Podcomplex Records' own stable of musicians, or listen to independent artists from Ireland, the UK and around the world by browsing through the Podcomplex OMS database.

OMS music

Via the OMS network, free mp3 files are available for streaming and download - with over 6,000 artists and more than 25,000 songs online, this is an extensive source of new independent music. If you are a musician, you can create an account here for free and upload songs, photos and a biography to the database. Your tunes will then be available not just on Podcomplex, but also on the other websites in the OMS network. You can check it out at the independent music page here.

About The Podcomplex Music Technology Site

Music Technology Podbox

The purpose of Podcomplex is to provide free information resources for musicians, with a particular focus on computer/electronics based music production.

In the blog and guides sections, you can find tips and techniques for the production and distribution of music and multimedia, keep up to date with the latest Internet promotion techniques, see strange synths, hear weird sounds.

Browse the independent music database to discover free new music from emerging artists, or upload your own for instant and free worldwide syndication of your work.

There's a lot going on in the areas of music and technology these days! If you would like to discover some more music technology news from around the globe, then check out the news feeds below - these are amalgamated RSS feeds that keep tabs on music technology related news items from external websites...

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