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Stretching Pop Into An Ambient Epic

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

It’s not often that a 35-minute ambient music track goes viral, but last month this is precisely what happened when Shamantis uploaded a Justin Bieber song – slowed down 800%. The resulting whooshy soundscape has now generated over two million plays on Soundcloud…

When Earthquakes Sing

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Earthquakes are caused by powerful movements of tectonic plates, and like all movements where two objects collide or physically interact, sound is also produced. If you happen to experience an earthquake first-hand, you’re unlikely to be hanging around to analyse what it sounds like; fortunately, researchers have done the hard work for you…

When Should I Record At 96kHz?

Friday, June 13th, 2008

The standard audio CD plays back at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and a bit depth of 16. As this is the highest resolution the vast majority of listeners will ever experience a recording at, and considering the fact that the upper threshold of human hearing is about 20 kHz, is there any real benefit to running your DAW at 96 kHz? Well, actually, yes there is…