Make An Album In A Month – RPM 2009

It’s that time of year again, when a musician’s thoughts turn to creating an entire album in 28 days. Well, that’s what musicians involved in the RPM challenge are going to be thinking about this February…

When Less Is More

This will be Canabrism’s third RPM challenge – the challenge being, of course, to write, record and produce an album in the month of February, taking it from zero to completion.

The two previous Canabrism RPM albums are available to download for free here – last year it was Nine Reasons, which was my first album created using Pro Tools (prior to that, I had been using Cubase).

A New Lease of Live

Ableton Live
This year, I’ll be changing DAW again – I’m planning on creating the new album using Ableton Live as my main sequencer. I will probably still use Pro Tools at the mixdown stage, and it seems likely that Reason (and Kore 2) will feature at some point also.

I find that using new tools can stimulate creativity in a different direction, particularly when operating in conjunction with a strict time deadline… although the deadline itself is usually enough to ensure new ideas emerge that would otherwise never have seen the light of day. This exercise is valuable for any musician – get involved at the RPM website now!

You can follow the creation of the new Canabrism album on Twitter – check out @canabrism from Sunday onwards…


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